Testing live chat of online casinos

Testing live chat of online casinos. Here is how you can tell a great casino from a bad one

Testing live chat of online casinos

Welcome to our first official casino tips: Testing live chat

When we see casinos that have live chat agents available it tells us something very important.  That they can afford it and are not some cheap white label online casino.  Having agents requires money and resources so if they are serious about online gaming then this is something that in our opinion every online casino should have.

Casino Tip: Test the live chat agents

Before joining any casino you really should have a quick test with the live chat agents to make sure they are not totally stupid.  Cue in the worst customer video:


Pretty funny eh.  But seriously ask some basic questions and if your agent isn't smart enough to actually listen or read what you are saying then it tells you they are either paying for cheap workers of that the agents don't give a rat's ass about you at all.  Of course it is tough to expect some strange CSR agent to care about a customer but when they totally don't give a fuck is when you need to realize that if you have a real problem with the casino, these are not the people you want to be dealing with. 

So here is a list of questions you can ask your agent that will help you determine if they are the right casino.  If the agent doesn't care to take the time to answer or if the response time is too slow, move on to the next casino. 

Casino live chat question checklist:

  1. Do you accept players from my country? (name your country)
  2. Where is the casino licensed and regulated?
  3. What is the signup bonus at the casino?
  4. Is there any free spins promotions or no deposit bonus available?
  5. What is the procedure for making a withdrawal from the casino
  6. If I make a withdrawal today, how long would it take me to get paid?
  7. What is your policy on players with a gambling problem, would you close their account if they requested?

So take this checklist with you and start trying out online casinos for their live chat and if you find a good friendly agent, this is usually a sign of a good casino.  Note many live chat agents will insist that they need your name, username and password but tell them you are contemplating joining the casino and have some questions.  If they insist on having a username and that then this means they are stupid and this is not the type of support agents you ever want to deal with.

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